Zed1.com Down

My server is down and has been since around midnight last night. All my sites and the sites I host are therefore down: zed1.com, zed1.net, everything. There’s no estimate of time to fix either. The remote control is not responding and so someone at the data center needs to investigate!

All my email is down too, apart from Google Mail. If you run an email list I’m on, I’m going to be bouncing until this is resolved.

If you need to contact me you can get me at journalized at the aforementioned Google mail dot com.

First Impressions

My first impressions of WordPress MU are that it’s a lot prettier in the admin department. I’ll comment on the post editing page first as that seems to be the biggest visible change.

I’m not yet completely sold on the WYSIWYG In fact, I’m having problems as I type this. I hand-coded an abbr tag around the “WYSIWYG”, then I saved.

When I tried to continue typing, my cursor was ‘inside’ the tag and everything I typed was too. When I tried to view as HTML, it stripped the abbr tag out. It keeps stripping it out too. If I don’t view the raw HTML it still strips it!

I’ve now turned off the WYSIWYG editing. It is entirely unsuitable for an editor to remove the things I type unless I tell it to.

As for the oh-so-groovy little blue boxes I can expand and collapse, or move around, they are… what they are. I appreciate that it is a good idea for a novice to not have the advanced functionality in their face when they don’t understand it. But I’m not convinced that being able to move them around is worth the enormous amount of code to support it.

Not everything works consistently. For example, I can drag the optional excerpt bar around, but it’s placement seems to be odd. I can drag it down below ‘trackbacks’ and everything aligns itself evenly spaced. But I can drag it back to the top and it ends up touching the trackbacks blue line. I also can’t drag it to above the main post editing box where I want it!

The target area for the little plus-es to expand the boxes is way too small. With my fat fingers on my laptop trackpad, it’s quite tricky to get lined up enough to expand one.

The WYSIWYG editing is not keyboard friendly either. In non WYSIWYG mode, if you click ‘write’, then tab once (shouldn’t need to tab at all), you are in the title edit box ready to type. Tab again and you are ready to type your story. In WYSIWYG mode click new , then tab, type your title. Tab again and you are on the save button! Tab again and it’s “save and continue editing”, I didn’t bother to find out how many tabs it would take me to get to the post. Too many.

I did try out this scenario though. See if you can figure out what happens. WYSIWYG mode is on. Click ‘Write’, tab once. Type ‘Hello World’. Tab. Type ‘Welcome to my new blog.’

WTF! Where did it go? Not acceptable.

If you are able to type more than five words without using a mouse I would recommend turning the WYSIWYG mode off till the bugs and the usability issue are fixed.

Update: Because the excerpt box is now below the post, I forgot to write one!